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Why pay more, when you can pay less?

HostOnyx's brokering services ensure that customers get the best VFM when it comes to their hosting providers. HostOnyx's customers benefit from highly discounted private pricing through our rigorous automated blind bidding process increasing competitivity.


What is brokering?
Brokering is not reselling, we work with suppliers internationally of colocation, lease to own and rented infrastructure to get the best price per performance for our customers. We use an automated and advanced blind bidding platform for well known names like Pulsant, The Hut Group, Psychz and many more.

How does it work?
We will arrange a call with you and take down your requirements for your estate, we will then add this to our highly competitive bidding and tendering service where we will connect your requirements to a range of suppliers who will blindly bid until you get a low price that you are happy with.


Most recent saving:
40% | $240k+

Benefits of brokering

Why you should let us take over your purchasing power

No Sales People

HostOnyx handles all the follow-up calls, the uspells and the bargaining from the suppliers, you can sit back and know that we are getting you the best price for your hosting.

Automation at its finest

We automate our tendering process once we have your requirements, and our team deal with incoming queries on your behalf, and if they need you to answer - we will contact you, not the sales people.

Known providers

Unlike most brokers, we work with well established hosting providers like OVH, Hetzner, The Hut Group, Psychz, Pulsant and many more. The low cost isn't a reflection of quality.

What's the difference between reselling and brokering?

  1. WE AREN'T INCENTIVISED TO SELL A SPECIFIC PROVIDER - HostOnyx utilises blind bidding with partner providers, and we will always present the best value for money rather than the one that makes us the most money.
  2. COMPLETE CONTROL - HostOnyx acts as the broker and contract holder for any of the services you commission, however you remain in complete control of your estate. There's no small print or limits.
  3. LOW PRICING- HostOnyx achieves the low prices because we aren't a reseller, so the partner providers know that there is other competitors, and we don't have to pass their quote onward, you get rock bottom prices in return.

What services can you broker?

Rented Infrastructure

Whether it's pay monthly or annually dedicated servers, we can negotiate the best price for you.

Cloud Hosting

Looking at the cloud and realising the high prices? Let us negotiate a much more welcoming price.

Lease to Own

Quoted an arm and a leg for Lease to Own hardware? Let us take over and take the sting out of the prices.


We can get rid of those nasty high priced colocation fees, and make it much more affordable by using our blind bidding.


That's fine, we can include your current host in our tendering system, if you'd like. We can also help setup migration plans and manage your requirements.

Really simple - we charge a % of the savings from you, but as part of that you get a dedicated account manager, and access to our 24/7 Emergency Service where you can get instant help, no matter what we will always make sure you are getting the best value for money.

The benefit of our brokering service is that the hosts never know who they are bidding for. They simply know a unique identifier we give you, and that's what they use when bidding, it's completely anonymous and we don't share your information with them until you've approved their quote. The huge benefit to that is that they can't charge you more because they know who they are and they are increasingly incentivised to quote as low as possible as they know there is real competition rather than you going direct to them.

We can help there too! As an Amazon Web Services partner we have a direct line of contact with Amazon and can, at your request, see if we can make cost savings for you.

Let us save you money

Trust us - just have a chat with one of our team to learn the benefits


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