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Emergency Help

On this page you'll find all the necessary information and who to contact to assist with your emergency.

You should always contact your account manager during business hours - if you require out of hours help please continue to read below.

Emergency Contacts

HostOnyx operates an emergency single point of contact system, the number below will connect you to a duty manager who can direct your query, arrange resource or transfer you to the appropriate team member. Please note, that if your call is not an emergency - you will be billed for non standard out of hours costs.

Duty Manager:+44 20 8106 8058
Please have your customer pin ready otherwise your call will not be connected

Emergency FAQs

Here at HostOnyx we believe in the KISS method (keep it simple stupid). In an emergency the last thing you want to do is flick through 10 different numbers to find the right department or supplier, it's much easier for us, the supplier and you to contact a well-trained duty manager who can take control and navigate this difficult time for you.

We aim to answer all emergency calls in less than one minute, however sometimes this might not happen. If we are dealing with more than one emergency we will activate our internal alert system to resource more of our team to manage the issue. Our average response time is 17 seconds.

We generally do not provide local numbers for our emergency response service. In the event that you have an urgent need for a local number please contact your account manager during business hours who can assess your case.

Our duty managers, like our whole team, are home workers unless there is an explicit need to use our base locations. In some uncommon occassions they may be deployed in a partner datacenter as part of a programme of work however this is very uncommon.

If we need to transfer you to the datacentre or another contact, they may be based elsewhere but the HostOnyx team are UK based.

Please contact our duty managers who will be able to arrange this. In some cases we may not be able to provision infrastructure in the same location or rack, and we may utilise our cloud hosting partners but this is completely dependant on the contractual setup you have with HostOnyx and the contractual relationship we share with the datacentre.

We can, at your request, deploy emergency remote hands to the datacentre to assist with your remote hands. This may be billed seperately.

Not an emergency?


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24/7 Emergency Contact

UK: +44 808 196 HOST (4678)
US/CA: +1 855-966-HOST (4678)